• Ceramic jewellery

    Ceramic jewellery L'ACCENT NOU researches the ancestral art of beadwork practiced by the humanity since prehistory. L'ACCENT NOU designs are inspired by Mediterranean nature, land and lifestyle. Simplicity and elegance are intertwined in each design.

    Every L'ACCENT NOU bead is handcrafted from scratch. Beads are sculpted from clay and finished with a variety of techniques depending on each design.

  • Sterling silver jewellery

    L'ACCENT NOU sterling silver jewellery takes inspiration from Nature, artist's imaginary and oriental artisanal techniques.

    In a constant dialogue with the surrounding landscape and the Nature elements, the artist creates a narrative through a creative play with materials like metal, wood, gemstones, pearls, thread...

  • Studio pottery

    L'ACCENT NOU studio pottery is a narrow line of work that offers a personal perception of utilitarian everyday objects.

    L'ACCENT NOU studio pottery dwells on minimal clean lines and form.

    Many times unglazed exterior surfaces are intentioned for a tactile experience and intimate contact with the material.

    Food safe glazes are formulated and mixed from raw materials by the artist.