My name is Anastasia Egorova, and I'm the creator behind L'ACCENT NOU. L'ACCENT NOU means New accent in Catalan. I've chosen this name for my brand back in 2009 because I love how it sounds. Year after year I've been playing with materials looking for my voice. On the way, I saw that it has different facets and I'm still amused exploring each of them. Every piece is a little adventure in pursuit of beauty.

L'ACCENT NOU is one woman show. I design and artisanally produce, on a small scale and from scratch studio pottery, ceramic and sterling silver jewellery.

My studio is situated at  a former tile factory between Vilafranca de Bonany and Manacor, Mallorca, Spain.

Here I create all L'Accent nou pieces as well as my visual art and sculpture projects.



Photography by @nuriasanchezfotografia